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You Amp

last updated: 07. February 2008 You Amp is my music player project. It started out of pure interest, but after I got me a N800 which lacks a decent build-in music player I started porting it to Maemo.
It is meant as an alternative to the spiffy UI centric players like UKMP or Canola and thus it concentrates on the playback capabilities.

Search View

Browser View

Currently the startup time is a bit high and on first startup it will scan your SD cards for music files, which might take a while.

If the music title is displayed in red it means that no ReplayGain Information could be found and the default of -10db is being used.


YouAmp is now in chinook-extras so, you can easily install it using the package manager, or just use the one click install.

Install YouAmp


  • Replaygain Support
  • smart Replaygain mode selection
  • OGG playback
  • Searchable database
  • Music browser

Planned Features

  • Playlists
  • any kind of radio


The player is written in Python using pygtk and pygst. You can find the svn repository at Any contributions are welcome.