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Want a new Gameboy?

Want a new Gameboy?29. October 2007, 22:43

After Nokia announced their new Internet Tablet N810 the price for the old version the N800 drastically fell from about 330€ to now 230€.
But since the N800 will get the ITOS2008 upgrade which will speed up its CPU up to 400Mhz, like the N810 and both generally have the same system specs, it is not that old at all, it actually has some advantages of the N810:

  • 2 normal SD card slots, while the N810 has ony one miniSD slot
  • always present D-Pad
  • rotatable camera (thought it is crappy on both)

so after my mp3 player broke, I got myself a N800 with a 8GB SD card as replacement. The downside is, that it currently lacks a good music player; the one shipped by nokia does not play OGG and is Closed Source, so I cant fix it. But fortunately the system is based on Debian Linux, so gstreamer and python are available. As well as an alternative music Player. So currently I am hacking on that to get all the bells and whistles in it, stuff you want even get with rockbox.
And additionally it runs Wesnoth, Quake2 (both a bit choppy but playable) and has WLAN.(works great)

PS: I updated the design a bit. did you notice?