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OSS Ati Drivers are moving forward

OSS Ati Drivers are moving forward02. March 2008, 09:48

just after the release of the 3D specifications by AMD there were git commits in intervals of just a few minutes. This basically kept on. Up to now there are following features in git:

  • basic Render support for all cards up to r400
  • Textured Video support for all cards up to r500
  • EXA support for all cards up to r500

yes that means it works on the integrated XPRESS chipsets too. :)
The feature I like most of these is textured video, since it makes things much easier; you do not have to worry on which head your output is, when you watch movies anymore - you can even put it in between of two monitor and still have the Xv acceleration. Another advantage is that videos are handled correctly now by compositing manager without requiring hacks.

Oh and its in my PPA for hardy!

Anonymous 02. March 2008, 13:17

I saw the good news too.
I have the same laptop as you and I would like to know if we have 3d now?

MadMan2k 02. March 2008, 13:20

same as before. if you use the mesa from my PPA 3D games work, but compiz does not.
I have not tested but probably you do not have to force DRI in the xorg.conf anymore.

Anonymous 03. March 2008, 16:32

Hope AMD will relaese tcore so the memory and initialisation problems will be fixed.
Think I'll try the radeon drivers now

Anonymous 24. March 2008, 16:11

how can i enable compiz on the same card with your drivers or other open source ones?

Anonymous 25. March 2008, 12:01

you cant. compiz does not work yet.

Anonymous 25. March 2008, 14:08

then i have to misunderstood madman2k's post.
indeed 3d games work but i get low fps(4fps) on counter-strike played with wine and with fglrx i get 100 fps.
do i have to change anything in xorg.conf?