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State of free Xpress 200M Drivers

Anonymous 21. July 2007, 01:36

So close to having a perfect working driver set for my Dell Inspiron 1501!


Anonymous 27. July 2007, 13:10

Any ideas where the place to watch out for further developments with this is? I've been looking forward to free and fully functional drivers for this one for what seems like agggeeess!

Anonymous 24. September 2007, 22:45

could you give me help with the configuration of the xorg.conf to use this driver? I mean, for example, which modules to load, which options to run and this kind of stuff?

This would be great!!!
Thx in advance, Benedikt

MadMan2k 26. September 2007, 19:00

take a look at "man radeon" - it says everything you need.

Anonymous 24. February 2008, 14:29

I have an nx6325 with Gutsy (amd64) and I'm not an 'expert' in Linux.

Is it suggest-able for me to try out these mods??

What is a PPA? (Forgive my ignorance ;-))

MadMan2k 24. February 2008, 16:28

yes, you should try it:

Anonymous 26. February 2008, 22:12

Thanks a lot...I'll try it out for sure.

- manishk (the above 'anonymous'!)