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Final AsuroFlash release10. January 2008, 21:52

I just cleaned up the svn version of asuroflash. The support for the USB transciever was sitting there for like forever already and I already got several requasts regarding it. So here is asuroflash1.6.

Asuroflash 1.6

Download Source

I think this will be the last release I will do, except someone find some urgent bug, since I lost interest in the project.

New YouAmp Release05. January 2008, 23:09

In the spirit "release often, release early" I present you YouAmp 0.2.0. The visible change is the shuffle button which causes your next search to return shuffled results.

YouAmp 0.2.0

  • shuffle option added
  • finger friendlier scrollbar
  • performance improvements

for download & more infos head to the project page.

Ho Ho Ho....25. December 2007, 15:07

So here it is the first release of my music player for the Internet Tablet. You can read more about it on its Project Page.

YouAmp 0.1.0

Be aware that this is the first release - it should not eat your files, but it might not play them.

Currently the startup time is a bit high and on first startup it will silently scan your SD cards for music files, which might take a while.

If the music title is displayed in red it means that no ReplayGain Information could be found and the default of -10db is being used.

YouAmp uses Mutagen for tag reading, so you will need to install it too in order YouAmp to work.

Merry Christmas

Honourable Mention16. December 2007, 17:19

When I listen to music, I mostly prefer Rock/ Rock'n'Roll and when I have some spare time I try to listen to it live.
And since I have already attended to an act of the Dynamite Jones a several times now, I thought I do some advertising for them ;-)

So if you like Rock/ Rock'n'Roll visit their Website, download some tracks and tell your friends if you like them. (like you will :))

YouAmp on Maemo29. November 2007, 12:04

last time I wrote about the N800 I told you about its possibilities as a music player. After that I have picked up my work on a audio player I started a while ago. So now I can present you the first screenshot running on the N800.

YouAmp on N800

its current features are:

  • searchable Database
  • full Replay Gain support (automatically toggled audiophile mode)
  • OGG playback

what is still to come:

  • a artist/album/track browser
  • internet radio
  • a good layout

especially the layout point is hard to get right, so if you have some suggestions, feel free to comment.

Fprint Packages for Gutsy28. November 2007, 18:36

Fprint is a fingerprint reading library, which allows using the fingerprint reader found of many of the more decent notebooks. The package also includes a PAM module, which enables you to authenticate(log-in etc.) using the fingerprint reader.

In order to enable fprint authentication on Ubuntu install the libpam and libfprint packages and then edit your /etc/pam.d/common-auth so it contains

auth    sufficient
auth    required nullok_secure

this will first try to read your fingerprint before asking your password. Do not try to disable password login completely; this is alpha software and you might lock out yourself. But at least on my hp nx6325(AES2501) it works fine.

libpam-fprint + libfprint + fprint-demo Packages

Hardy Packages are now in my PPA
deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse

Want a new Gameboy?29. October 2007, 22:43

After Nokia announced their new Internet Tablet N810 the price for the old version the N800 drastically fell from about 330€ to now 230€.
But since the N800 will get the ITOS2008 upgrade which will speed up its CPU up to 400Mhz, like the N810 and both generally have the same system specs, it is not that old at all, it actually has some advantages of the N810:

  • 2 normal SD card slots, while the N810 has ony one miniSD slot
  • always present D-Pad
  • rotatable camera (thought it is crappy on both)

so after my mp3 player broke, I got myself a N800 with a 8GB SD card as replacement. The downside is, that it currently lacks a good music player; the one shipped by nokia does not play OGG and is Closed Source, so I cant fix it. But fortunately the system is based on Debian Linux, so gstreamer and python are available. As well as an alternative music Player. So currently I am hacking on that to get all the bells and whistles in it, stuff you want even get with rockbox.
And additionally it runs Wesnoth, Quake2 (both a bit choppy but playable) and has WLAN.(works great)

PS: I updated the design a bit. did you notice?

Who is evil too...17. October 2007, 00:30

Software patents are evil and Via is evil too. Since it is holding a patent on S3TC, which prevents the following code to be included in Mesa and even shipped optionally in many distributions.

libtxc-dxtn 070518

This package allows you to play games that use S3TC like Unreal Tournament using the OSS DRI drivers.

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